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Online platforms to learn programming languages for free.

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Online platforms to learn programming languages for free.
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If you’re prepared to begin your journey into the programming world, there are many websites and blogs to study basic to advanced programming languages. You can enrol in a few paid courses and master Programming, however, on the other hand, there are few websites that provide content material that is absolutely free. So let’s find which suits your learning better.


If you're ready to begin your programming journey, however, don’t know what exactly coding is and have queries in your mind like wherever to start? what are the necessities of programming languages? what are data types, algorithms, and header files? Then Programiz is the best learning platform for you.

When I started My programming Journey, I had no idea about Where to begin so I started searching online And Confronted This Amazing Site. I Just took 1 to 2 weeks to learn the basics of C programming.

Key features:

  • Well organized content
  • Device friendly ( can be viewed on mobile too)
  • Basics of programming languages ( No prerequisites)
  • C, C++, C#, Python, DSA, JavaScript, Kotlin, Java, Swift.
  • Wide range of examples
  • Online compilers
  • Android app for Python: Learn Python


Nowadays GeekForGeeks is considered a source of learning and knowledge for several students. Besides the Programiz One can even refer to Geeksforgeeks because it comes with a lot of coding concepts and examples. one factor that draws me toward Geeksforgeeks is its examination preparation Kits. There are many preparation kits for Exams like GATE, InfyTq, TCS NQT, and lots of different Competitive Exams.

Key features:

  • Basic To advance level Programming languages
  • Well organized content
  • Lots of Practice problems
  • Interview Preparation Kit
  • Exam Preparation kit
  • C, C++, Java, Python, SQL, Javascript, DBMS, PHP


No doubt YouTube being at the listing because there's a large useful resource of videos available on it. YouTube has many channels that specifically focus on programming languages consisting of numerous videos. So you could search on Youtube, Concept that you want to learn, and then choose a video that matching the content material you want to learn. YouTube has videos on every Programming language and each small concept.

Key features:

  • Huge resource of videos
  • Have videos about every Topic
  • Reliable content
  • Basic to advanced programming
  • Free of cost content
  • All Programming languages
  • Responsive community

YouTube channels:


Now You have completed the fundamentals of programming and need to check your knowledge by solving a few problem statements then Hackerrank is a smart choice. Hackerrank is my personal favourite website for coding. When it comes to practising the codes, Hackerrank is always a smart choice. It especially focuses on solving the problem statements. Hackerrank is extensively selected by developers for practising their coding skills. Another reason to pick hackerrank is its programming languages interview kit which allows you to get a dream job In IT companies.

Key features:

  • Beginner to Expert Level programming
  • Global contests and Events
  • A problem-solving approach to learning
  • Certification tests
  • C programming, Python, DSA, C++, Java, AI, Ruby, SQL
  • Interview preparation kit

Which platform do you think is best for learning programming languages and do you know any platform other than the mentioned? let me know by commenting below.

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