Shantanu Nighot


Hello, my name is Shantanu Nighot πŸ‘‹

A self-taught python developer who enjoys learning new technologies and create interesting projects on the internet. I am working on Django and MongoDB.

I’m looking for a full-time job or freelance opportunities related to my skillsets.





πŸ’»Tech Stack

Languages: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Frameworks and modules: Django, Django REST framework, Bootstrap

Tools: Git, VS Code, Powershell

Databases: MongoDB

Operating System: Windows

πŸ›  Skills

  • Web development
  • Web scrapping
  • Data visualization
  • Data analysis

πŸ‘€ Hobbies and interests

  • Full-stack development
  • Technical blogging
  • Dancing

πŸ“Ž Projects


Visualize your GitHub profile in a better way with Charts and the top repos sorted according to stars, forks and sizes. Give it a try. ⚑

One-for-all blog

Blogging platform built with Django and deployed on Heroku. It has markdown support for creating log posts just like Hashnode.


Random quote generator using Python and Django. It uses the random python module to get a random quote from the database and display it on the Django template.

😜 Fun Facts

I love watching anime and playing games. My favourite animes are Naruto saga, Demon slayer, Black clover, Full metal alchemist, Boku no Hero Academia, Hunter X hunter.